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Empress Travel & Cruises

Let Us Be Your Ultimate Destination for Vacation Planning
Empress Travel & Cruises

Our Albany, NY – Schenectady, NY Travel Agency can plan vacations for our local friends as well as on a national basis.

A vacation is when you take time from your “real” life to get away from it all, and here at Empress Travel and Cruises we believe your vacation should be exactly that — days or a few weeks of time in which the stress of your day-to-day life is forgotten. We believe the only memories you should create during your vacation are happy ones. Joyful, in fact.

We also believe there are three parts to a vacation — the planning and anticipation of it, the vacation itself, and the memory of it.

Therefore, since planning for a vacation can be stressful — the deciding where to go, the booking of the flights and the hotel, the finalizing of an itinerary — we believe it”s our duty to make that part of your vacation as easy and stress-free as possible.

That”s why we can do it all. Call our Albany, NY – Schenectady, NY Travel Agency today!

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